For Providers

Changing the Conversation

Informing a parent that their infant has suffered a broken clavicle during birth is a difficult conversation to have. No provider enjoys the look of pain, incredulity, and stress that crosses the face of the parents.

Traditional methods of pinning the baby’s sleeve to the front of their shirt or swaddling the baby to immobilize the arm seem inadequate. Although suboptimal, these treatments are offered because there are no other solutions available.

Infant Brace is working to change that. 

What, instead, if you could tell parents that there is a way to brace the arm of their baby; alleviating pain by stabilizing the break? We brace all adults and children who fracture their collarbone not because it heals the bone, but because it helps to stabilize and alleviate pain while the bone mends itself. Babies feel pain just like adults. They deserve better treatment.

The Infant Brace is made of hospital grade elastic mesh bandaging that gently restricts movement. Because it is made entirely of elastic mesh, there are no metal or velcro parts to either scratch baby's delicate skin or cause pressure sores by laying on it for too long. Being made of mesh also helps to reduce the risk of baby overheating while wearing the brace.

Initial feedback from patients who have used the Infant Brace has been overwhelmingly positive. Dr. Duane Craddock, a pediatrician from Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, reported that his patients felt more confident picking up, holding, and handling their baby with the Infant Brace on. Parents who have used the brace also reported a decrease in infant irritability, decreased issues with breastfeeding, and better sleep.

Infant Brace can help your patients, too.

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