Infant Brace

the only brace for babies with a broken collarbone

Get the Help Your Baby Deserves

We know how it feels to be helpless as your baby hurts. That's why we invented the Infant Brace. It safely and gently stabilizes your baby's arm, reducing pain and promoting healing, so you can get back to being a family.


What Doctors are Saying

Great product! This will revolutionize the care of infants with broken clavicles.

Dr. Woods, Kootenai OB/GYN

This simple but effective brace provides support for the infant in a non-restrictive fashion. My patients who have used it love it.

Dr. Craddock, Coeur D'Alene Pediatrics

There's nothing else like this available. It's a great product. I'm happy to be able offer it to my patients.

Dr. Fullmer, Utah Valley Pediatrics

Developed by a Mother-Baby Nurse


Safety and Putting on the Brace

Get important safety information and see how to put the brace on your baby.

Go to our For Parents page for more information on how to care for your baby while their collarbone is broken.

All photographs by Jessie Oberg Photography                                                                    Video by Kendra Leigh Photography